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.Tuesday, January 23, 2007 ' 9:51 PM Y
If let mi have e chance to tell Everyone...

Wat wld u want to say if u are going to put "Dance" Aside?

This thought came into my mind...
Wad wld i like to say?

There's definitely al0t...

Pardon me...

But this thought jus came into my mind...
So i wld like to say:

It has been a amazing journey [Sounds like i gt some AWARD!]
I do not have Much Confident when i was Young...
I tend to hide myself or being alone without letting ppl
to Notice me...

I'm scare of... bascially everything
I cannot be alone for sure...
I'm scare...

But i try stepping out for being a timid
I join NRA myself...

The first thing i wld luv to sae...
I want to thnks Ngee Ann poly to have this Dance Club
Called NRA... [HAHA yesyes... i gt some award.. act em0]

Without this NRA
My life wld be Damn bored, meaningless
How abt you? if u nv Start dancin,
Hw wld ur life be?

The first one i met, Ariel...
That idiot black one
Damn noisy
I nv see a person can be as noisY as mE~

2nd, i met Sk...
He is another dude...
But a gd dancER
Everytime i stand bside him during dance class
Im tinking... : KAO Y he can Catch so FAST!
I still trying REAL HARd,open my Eyes big to SEE.
SK jus catch all e steps like nobody business.
U... watch out... lolx

Then my budDy,
She gave mi alot of motivation to cont in NRA
If not...
I tink i foreva ZI BI there
Thanks faTty.

I rmb i saw Jolene,
Dancing to Ai de Zhu Da Ge...
Wa kao... i tink she's damn Freaking GOOD
My react was... WAh so good... noe hw to dance to MTV's
NAIVE , lolx

First half yr,
basicalli i learn nth much
Onli alil here n there...

tiLL Ann came in.
Her warm up realli craZY,
I was tinking... HAIZ SO DIfficulT -.-
Do head isolation...
TO the LEFT, To the Rite...
Nb... i jus cant get it...

How Can a human head go lefT n RItE?

Well... i can do it now =]
Who sae cant... ~~~ idiot

I... gt thousands millions of words to Say
Its so much to say...

I love u guys. [ya im emo as much as ABC]
I met amaZing PPL

I get to know becca more
Thruout the comps we had join tgt.
NRA Lush and Lil bratz br the both of us
TO become Gd frenz.

Zut-Manifesto-Nra Lush
let me get to noe jO better

If there's a chance, i Wld luv to Dance
With NRA Manifesto's girls the same Cheoro again

Will there be a chance? thats my greatest wish for dance

Allegra, Wq, Delin, Jo, MAe, Myself.

SO far, i luv this grp e most =]

From: Zut - NRA Rebirth, NRA Manifesto - RTHK -
Nra Lush - Clush - Lil Bratz - Rough Cut - SnaAp

I'm glad i had gd friends like;
Von, Yen, Ariel, Cmt, Glen, Bec, Jo, Fred, miNz

Cmt and Glen;
Tk e same bus home
Brought us to become the dopest COGY

Across e road, tk my hp no fr me.
Tok rubbish...
We became e beSt stranger frenz evA

I cant rmb hw...
But somehw we cliCK cliCk Click
He's crazY

oH and the most Retard in e whole wide world
Guess who?
Foreva....... Retard like jameS

Okie back to Serious..
What i have gaiN?

Beside learning how to danCe,
Beside being more conFident, and not Scare anym0re
The most impt is
I get to noe each and everyone of u guys in NRA

My life fill with love, pain & happiness.

When my world bcame dark,
U guys fill colors in my life.
U guys bring mi back.

Im thankful to hav u guys with m3.

mayB thats e greatest things eva in my life so Far

U guys mite nt feel e same.
But i noe i wont lie for sure [Though i always lied]

Memories always kip inside me
Can u feel it?

I treasure and i cherish

{{ Tts only if one day i nid to leave }}
{{ tts parT of the delication to all }}
[[ Dont sae i CRAZY ]]
I'm jus saying "IF"

Do you love me more than i do?

THE PrinCesS;

20th June 1985

DANCE to ExpresS_Not to ImpreSS

I always forget to forget YOU

Stay WithME

Nicol3 helmet
Peiyi_OOO YIiii
XIanG TiaN
MiA micheal_(TECK)
YeW Yew
CHIN a Ling
Slutty FANG-Shu
Wang QINNnn




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