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.Saturday, September 09, 2006 ' 10:57 AM Y
What if eva 1 day all ur frenz are gone
And u've gt n0 one to turN to
No one...
U're feeliN losT
Walking on the street by yourself
It's raiNing yet u kip walkiN'

walk & walk
n0 one giv u an umbrella
to st0p u fr walking in e raiN'

all u cld d0 is kip walkiN...

0ne day...
0ut of no Where
Ppl jus kip cominG to u,
And u feel tt ur n0t alone...
but this wun last long
IT always diN lasT for l0ng

U will jus go back to square 1 again somedaY.

The person care for u
but sometimes u jus dun giv a damn to anyone
how wld u define...
wHen some1 treated u realli gooD & u jus kinda miss it
coZ its been such a long time ppl din show concern to u

U jus feel comfortable
Nv did u noe u actualli took it for granted
Nv did u realised u alrdy treat the person as part of u [as time goes by]

Is onli When some1 knock onto ur heaD
Ask u to wake up
U will realised everything was jus becoz of the caring they gave,
and u gave in without knowing
U treat them as its a daily routine in ya lif3

And when its gone
u find sth is missinG


Nv did i tot tt we will have this relationship tt's kinda weird
Nv did i noe tt everything will turn out to be like this
Nv did i knew tt, there's so much going on in between actualli
Nv did i noe tt its so hard to get over it...so haRd to...
Nv did i realised how pain it is when its all gone
Nv did i tot tt tis is always an On & Off thingy...
Nv did i tot i can get thru this...
i Duno hw to remove the paiN in side me
Its always there...
And i guess i hate u
Nv did i tot tt i wld mit u
Nv did i tot i wld giv a damn to U
Nv did i even realise tt i actualli did wanted to noe u more
Nv wld i tot tt i fall for u jus for tt moment
Nv did i noe tt tis end so fast + Sudden...
I jus dislike u...
Din noe tt we will drift apart
Din noe tt things will turn out to be like tis
Seeing u and me being seperated
Seeing no ones care abt each other
SeeiN tt two of us go on different waY
I've got nothing to say
but jus to feel saD
I luv u no matter what
NV did i noe tis will happened
its getting worse tt i cant imagine
what will happen to u next
Nv did i noe we drifted too
Yet i noe we care for each other
is jus tt no one is showing
I CARE and I wan U to BE FINE alwayS!
Plz dont be sad anymore
U noe its not worth it...
U noe nth is true anymore
Its a lie
He avoid...
Coz there's no ans he can gave ya
he jus go one fuckiN big rd
to let u feel better
so he wuN b Tt guilty...
Forget abt it...
Its nt worth at all
stop making urself a saD one...
No one can help u but to be there for u
U hv grown up a lil'
Cheer up alot
Nv did i noe this will happen to u
but this prove tt
u r stepping out to another stage of life
U r going to hv a better one sooN
or even later
no worries! kip going my dear =]

I cant remove the pain...

Do you love me more than i do?

THE PrinCesS;

20th June 1985

DANCE to ExpresS_Not to ImpreSS

I always forget to forget YOU

Stay WithME

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