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.Tuesday, September 26, 2006 ' 5:43 PM Y
I Miss YoU

I miss my friends

I just misS theM al0t
thougH we met alm0st everYdaY for dancE

******* ******* *******

My dopest DearesT frenz + BuD in NRA
How are you...
Since wheN we drift
Drfit so fAr
that i couldn't eveN reacH u
Rmb the DAys we jus joiN NRA
We pretend we dun0 each other at the bus Stop
And somehow we became the BEST BUDDY in NRA

We luff, we go crazy in e public like n0 one else care,
We Cry, Share sorrow tgT no matter Wad...

U Bring me joy, bring mi hope
tt life isnt tt baD =]
Thanks. i will always luV u
Coz we are not jus friend,
the besT budDy in the worlD

My Dearest Stranger
How we really get to noe each other?
At NP's security areA ... [ROAD]
We wave to each other
And u ASK for my no.
Seriousli during the 1st camp @ NRA
i REALLI tink u too noisy lia0
but guess wAD?
WE become g00d frenZ.

When u or me feeling dowN
We always sit at the tracK there
Look @ the sky, the staRs, ppl Running arD
Sat there quietly listen t0 eacH otheR
U TAP my shouldeR to comforT me

I rmb got once u nid to C a doc
c0z of ur injurY
I persuad3 u for HOurs to C e DOC
FinallY u agreeD
And u onli wan mi t0 bring U to C e d0c
Thnk g0D nth happens to u =]

U r the one i miss most...
Coz we realli nV reallY talK
& use to Hav fuN like last time we did

U r e one i worried mosT
Please promise me u will be finE n0 matteR wad happen

U noe i always there...
Come to me if u niD me

*Xiao Dou*
Yes we Always close to the extenD ppl mite toT we r couple
U r e lucky one and im the sUay 1

U r the most caring guy tt everything u also trY
to cARE among the guys.
U noe wAD?
U r the greatest guy freN compared to e REST
Though u r troublesom3
NId to use my hse toilet as n wheN u senD mi to
my d00rs
but nvM
i stiL luv u =]

WE joke, we luff like hell everytime
but where did it go?
it become lesser n lesseR
And i dun0 why...
welL ur face look more n moRe like a beaN
so st0p actinG koolz,
its not goiNG to work anyway

u used to dislike me
iF i diN rmB wronglY

See wad happen now?
We become GOOD frenx
as good as i toT
U can be as fuNNy as i tot...
and nv did i expecT u r so CRaZY @ timeS

But at the same time u naG too mucH
jus like me...
We r the aunties cluB SOON

PP twinx...
When did this name came along?
Since lil' bratz i gueSS
i feel comfortable witH u
JUS like the whol3 grp i can onli approach u the mosT

i Start to luv u =]
and yes ! till now i stiL DO
its all going to be ovER sooN
U lil piggY!

We wasnt g00d at e start
But u r the first girl i noe in NRA
the first and only...
ToO noisy till i cant reallY tk iT seriouslY
TILL now u stil are...

NV see a girl so naturallY blaCK like...
opS i noe u r going to haTE me
well u stil luv me yeah

Wild girl
We club tgt, we had fuN tgt
though not much
buT i miss it

I jus miss it...
TK GD CARE of ur healtH please
U noe u r going to be strong...
as strong as anybodY else.
BE StRONG my deaR

the very first time i step int0 nRa
i saw u dancin to elva's AI DE Zhu da gE
i was like "WA my senior li hai!"
PURE ME ... lolx

First comp grp
ZUT@ sUnteC dance comp
my first comp & i get to wk with U
my 4th comp Funka XI
NRA Manifest0... i wk with u agaiNx
dopest grp in mY life so faR***
U feel the same too rite?
how we hope manifest0 can dance agaiN
but it will nv happen agaiN
we hv grown up & go seperate waY
Different Thinking
S0 i guess it will nv happen...

NRA Lush 2nd suntec comp...
i GRP with u agaiN
u r the one i wk with mosT
U r the lucky one to wk with mE =]
Say yes plzzz...

Small lil girl
always tt smalL
jus bcoz of all tis comp brought us tgt
we r another goody frenx!
nv expected rite? me t00...
muackX be HAPPY alwayS

Though we nt counted as close frenx
but we all stay @ juronG
JURONG PPL always tt united yeaH?

Though u always ask mi to eat shiT
and i d0... lolx
i still luv u manx

U r my best "BF" liao
no one can be like u dote me sooo muchie
U r e funniest & cheery one
WIthout u in Cmt car,
it always so peaceful, no much laughteR...
U mk mi cant help but to cheER u out loud at dancefloor audi
SHouting ur name and sae GO "BF"!!!!

U r a talented one =]

FOR U: [though i noe u wuN READ]
yeS i do miss u
buT i noe nth is going to happen
NTh is going to WOrk
u r jus u
and i am jus myselF
we botH will nv meet our path tgT
coz u duN luv me
I noe but i remain silent in e dark
Deep dw, i care.
but guess u jus duN giv a damN


Do you love me more than i do?

THE PrinCesS;

20th June 1985

DANCE to ExpresS_Not to ImpreSS

I always forget to forget YOU

Stay WithME

Nicol3 helmet
Peiyi_OOO YIiii
XIanG TiaN
MiA micheal_(TECK)
YeW Yew
CHIN a Ling
Slutty FANG-Shu
Wang QINNnn




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