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.Sunday, November 01, 2009 ' 1:45 PM Y
I've moved to


NEW one!


Do you love me more than i do?

.Monday, July 27, 2009 ' 6:41 PM Y
Its a funny thing that,
MY mama doesnt like to keep pets at all,
COz it stink, troublesome and so on...

BUt when i get Qiu n Niu back..
slowly she ok

Now i got tinky winki Lucky and Qiu...
(though i ask lex to tk winki with him)
My mama likes them. i mean Love em like hell.

We always gt tis topic... HAmster..
u NOe tinky... this morning... blablabla..
my mama start toking abt it...
SO cute rite...

my mama likes tinky the most.
everyday go her cage... den she wil call.. TINKY TINKY~~~ HELO!!!


parents like tt...

say dun like end up love like hell. lol

MY dad abit opp...
Startin like like mad... carry it out n play.... oftEN..

NOw don giv a damn.. lol.....
say smelly la...

nw he totalli dun care my hammys -.-

mayb thats GUYS~~~~~~~~~


oki... i going to Farid class now~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ooo
GUYsm thurs my class, plz come ok!
I promise.... no hand swing (BLuff one)



Do you love me more than i do?

.Wednesday, July 15, 2009 ' 4:20 AM Y
MY favourite and shall always be my Idol, Eriko imai =]

Rmb i said Speed is back? Yea indeed they r back .

Recently ard april Eriko gt her album out ,
I realised i nv forget her at all,
Everytime i happened to search her in utube, MY love for her as a idol is stil there.
Very Strong. u CAN say i STUP...
But no.. i really admired her, her everything .

Last time SPeed disband nt long,
She gt pregnant,
EH i Not sure she gt married with tt guy anot...
COz i only see her n her son in News, but nt her hubby...

So im nt sure abt tt part.

Eriko imai, 26 this yr.

I TEll u

She is the most talented in speed i wld said.
HER SINGing... i tink is the best out of the 4.
YES i love the rest of speed like mad too,
Each gt their own talent.
BUT i love eriko the most...

Eriko's child got some problem.
Cant hear... nid to wear tt small pc of thing beside the Ear.
She nv give up and raise up her child by all means...
She went to sch with him jus like any other mothers...
Attend sch event with her child, play with the childrens...

Play guitar and sing song to her child, and the child sit and listen,
but halfway thru the child disturb her, BUT she look into his eyes and cont to SIng...
Jus for his child... =]
SHE Even leaRNt all the sign languages....
HW the hand sign shld be...

SHe work hard just for his child...
As time goes by, The child seems to be v healthy and strong =]
VERY kawaii too =]
she is very patience towards him too.....

I see hw SPeed reunion, cook tgt , sit dw and eat dinner...

Immediately.. i teAred...
U can SAY i SIAO... Crazy wuliao...

BUt i really really love em.

AND in my life i just love speed.
NO other idolsssssss....
If i say i like.. is jus purely like lo... awhile only.
Or respect abit ,thats all.

DEEP Dw, IS just speed and Esp Eriko =]

GOd bless his child =]

(IF SHE really no husband... i hope tt man REgrET and better be strike by lightning since he
So irresponsible) IF la... =]


nb... i cant find .... I WIL KILL HMV OR CD STOREs.! lol

IM always ur FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(for ur info... is coz of speed, i started to love and go into dancing. BELIEVE IT OR NOT!)


Do you love me more than i do?

.Tuesday, July 14, 2009 ' 4:22 AM Y
Its a gd feeling when u can Dance with the ppl u wanted to.
I dont knoe hw exactly the feeling is..
But i felt happy =]
Deep dw, im grateful...
though i always tot im a fuking suay stup Girl...
But the only lucky and happiness thing is not love... not money not this n that
but can dance with u guys... and i get to Dance..

NV had i tot that im able to dance.
Its ok that im nt a gd dancer nw, i wil try my best to mk it Gd... =]
Im thnkful to the ppl ard me... =]
Im gLAD u guys are my GD GD FRENZ!!!

Actually all my frenz are v weird and retard ,as time goes by..
I became weird n retard and song too...
and more GuailAN.lol

AS you all shld noe...
VON = REtard, ERxin, Weird, DAring, not v chio, HAir special...
BEC = MAN, Sometimes abit SIaO, HElmet on her head always, narrow shoulder, bouncy GIrl..
YEN = SOng, dressing quite disaster, look like YANG Guo, Lo soh, Tok so much i dun uNd @ all..
JOyce = MAN of the Man,Like touching our boobs, Act sexy always, Menses super irregular, Accent Queen, lag to the maX..

WQ= Stupid, Eyes too big, Fierce looking, Getting retard like her BF...
PEiyi = Jazz funk Princess, Act chio, Always saY V HOT~~~, Complain queen, Humji kia...
TER = MOST RETARD, Sharp to the max, Worse of the worse fren... (mk it short)lol
GLEN= super GL, Analyse like... foreVa, coldy JOKEs... NEAt BOi too...

Xian, min, jj ,cmt, fredy , Su...............

majority of us, ARE bitchy...!!! LOL!
Thats why we gt tgt. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oooo love love love...

Do you love me more than i do?

.Thursday, June 18, 2009 ' 3:23 PM Y
/wishing list/

I wan..a..

!st - Last:

BED (abit jian)

Ipod ( Jian of the Jian)


Hi 5 set??? @ my room (erm ya jiaN)

Full length Mirror

Money more than $500 (quite jian)

Nice casual Dress (last choice)

I no nid...



Do you love me more than i do?

.Friday, June 12, 2009 ' 2:41 AM Y
MY bday wishes...

I dont want to so FAST bday. knn...

Birthday equal Aging...

i like bday but den again i see the candles and realised im older.
Then abit sianz.

What i want this year? srsly... I dont knoe!

Can my bf dance for me? LOL
Which is fuking nt possible as u all noe... LOL

YA its v sweet everytime ppl bday there wil be ppl dancing for em.
Of coz sometimes realli see til sianz liao, coz everyone is doin the SAME thing.

But stil Sweet as eVa. u dun wish someone to dance for u?
ERM I wIsh ler! LLOLX

luckily my bday dun fall on dance classes.
coz WAD? sure tio SOLo...
the most humji thing in dance... is.. to solo!
den everyone started shouting SWALLOW SWALLOW SWALLOW~!

NRa trend... LOlx

Well =]
why nt u all dance SPeed routine let me sEE? LOL!
ok super random. but wil be damn Funni.
ok im day dreaming.

mayb i jus like yen
lock myself in the cardboard and sing bday song to myself.
Sounds kool in a way and boring... and eerie? lolx

Wad i wan for bdae pressie?
ERm i always after bday den realised i nid this n tt... TMD sianz lolx


I want... a BED? LOLX!!!!!!!
coz i gt no bed.
a princess bed. lolx

ok i noe las yr cardboard this yr bed like abit TOO Much~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOLx

I want... BAg, nice dope shit one. .
I want clothes for dance or Go out one also Can.

I want................. 1million $.............

I want go japan... u sponsor me?

Plz don buy watch for me, i gt a few..... and shoes......

Im nt those wan 10 shoes kind. i realli wil duno to wear which one.

I want...Surprises............ LOL! ok tok cok.
I want........................
haiz duno la. suddenli i cant tot of it.

last few choices... ?
dope nice Belt... ?

LOL! ok............... dono...................................................................................
i duno why im nt enthu for my bdae at all.
last time i enthu one. i tel the whole world... LOL!
nw i stil tel. but nt so many......... but nw i blog...
Ppl who read NOES! then give mi pressie ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TOO BAD U SAW! even if only 1 person 's reading! I DUN CARE!

TMd... LOL

erm................... im nt enthu,
mayb too many sad things happened ard me.

which yr is ur best bdae?

mine. is... the 20th? the one
that they lied to me i cant join SUntec.
using ann to bluff me,
I cried fr afternun to nite...
den bloody hell ann called and sAY HAPPY BIRTHDAy.... -.-
thnks ar...

that was the best surprise...
and one is 22nd, kana rob by big jon.......
End up i realli lost my wallet...
THNKS ar...

23rd is... lex br mi to wild wild wet, den im stuck in tt tunnel... damn throw face
but FUN being with him den at nite br mi to fish n CO, all my fren were there
to surprise me.. not bad either.

21st... i ask em go underwater world with me...
den eat steamboat...
celeb with fredy... we 1 day different only.
den force us to drink and Wear a ultimate ugly maroon Dress at the
shop... adn mk us duno do wad.........
but fredy more ugly..

den i tink 19th was...
von contact with my sec sch fren.
den they hid in my room...
My fren some hide in the store rm.
i was tinking FUk.. Why store rm gt lights!! dim lights..
Cao.... i was tinking shit is GHOST.. cb liao!

den i open!!!!!!!!! lol!
3 guys hide inside and stunn.. why i open tt door first..
den i open the room

my fren and stup von came out fr mattress..
Den play happy bday song!
damn SOng i tel u...
den i smile..................... omos tear...
actualli i shld open my rm first den they come out fr store rm with the cake

BUT guys are stup...
they light the candle first.
LOL but i realli tot gt ghost, den im tinking jus chiong liao LA

so far i rmb ............ all these... way b4 tt i cant realli rmb...
CAN U? lol =]

love u guys


Do you love me more than i do?

.Sunday, June 07, 2009 ' 5:00 AM Y
everynite im closer to my dream
hope that day come soon.

Thats what he say.

He doesnt care whether i suffered anot,
he jus wan to be sth someday
to be well known, get the respect...

He said i complained.
I didnt.
All i wan is jus to tel him hw i feel.

HE sae i can leave wheneva i want.
he dun have the time to give me.

Either i just Stay or Leave, simple as that.
FInd a better guy that can fulli concentrate on me and nt bboy or wadeva so.

He will go full out on me, the day he mk it.
He will jus concentrate on me jus like his dope bboy frenz.

I ask him, deep dw do u love me?
YA he love..
I ask him again,

All i wan to noe is,
Do u wan me to be in ur future,
DO u wan to be the one that support me in future?

He said yes to me.

the word YEs....
mk me tear like mad.

still tearing....

He also said...
I kip complaining, then mk myself sounds wei DA~
Coz i told him i suffered alone.

can anyone tell me... did i trying to act weida?
For waD?


i told him i mite leave someday
He is totalli fine with it if i cant wait.
This is the first time... i encounter such a heart pain love'

he realli killed me
deep dw.

I realli noe he dun care abt me till the day he is dope.
He don care... or mite be angry if he see wad i post.
and i doubt he bother to chk my blog at all.

wad a day.


Do you love me more than i do?

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